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36 Facts About Me on my 36th Birthday

On my 36th Birthday, I wanted to share 36 facts about me that you may not know. After 36 spins around this beautiful world, here's a snapshot of my life:

1. I was born the day Elvis died. I have always shared my birthday with 24 hours of Elvis on TV. The King and I are forever linked.

2. My first home was a trailer. My little sister and I shared a bottom bunk bed.

3. I was a church kid: Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday nights we were church’n.

4. When I was in the 1st grade, I took our family car for an accidental ‘drive’ and nearly died.

5. I wrote Oprah a letter when I was 8 telling her I wanted to be just like her.

6. I went to military school for 3 years.

7. My father died at 42. I now count aging as a huge blessing.

8. When my sisters and I were bored at home, we would turn off all the lights, bring out flashlights, crank up the Michael Jackson and pretend we were in a night club.

9. When I was 14, we moved from Milledgeville, Georgia to Newcastle, Australia.

10. I was horrible at math at school. Until a dollar sign was placed in front of the numbers. Then I got very excited.

11. My mother used to stage ‘photo shoots’ for us girls. We would take white bed sheets and use tacks to hang them on a wall. We looked at beauty magazines and Audrey Hepburn films (and used our Aunt's old prom dresses) for inspiration.

12. I wrote out ‘contracts’ for family members to sign when they borrowed money from my piggy bank. Some now have thousands of dollars in interest owed.

13. I was terrified of fire growing up. I used to stage ‘fire drills’ in our home and had an emergency bag packed next to my bedroom window.

14. My favourite summer films growing up were: Mannequin, Can’t Buy Me Love, The Buttercream Gang and Weekend at Bernies.

15. I read my first Tony Robbins book at 15.

16. I was fired from my first job at 15 working at a clothing store.

17. I have never had my ears pierced.

18. My first career ambition was to be a TV news anchor, like Tina Hicks on 13WMAZ.

19. I was part of a community theatre company at 18 and played ‘The Shrew’ in ‘Taming of the Shrew’ quite convincingly.

20. I worked at a computer store for 2 years while at university. I knew nothing about computers but learned everything about digital photography.

21. I landed my first ‘real job’ in PR working for the Australian Medical Association and moved to Sydney at 21.

22. I landed my first TV job (as a news publicist) at 23.

23. At 24, I went backpacking solo for the first time to Europe.

24. I wanted to move to New York, but that dream direction changed when Shane De Giorgio entered the scene – and we moved to London instead.

25. We got married in Fiji.

26. I ran a half-marathon once. Likely never to happen again.

27. My first 4 weeks in London, I was interviewed by the actor Hugh Grant. My first 8 weeks in London, I landed my dream job working at the BBC.

28. My sister lived around the corner from me in London. It was dangerous and oh-so-fun.

29. After a few wines one night, my sisters and I started our own blog. This was our first business venture. If you want a laugh, check out It's A Sister Thing. We had no idea what we were doing, but our mother loved it.

30. I started writing my first book 'Grit, Grace and Hustle' at 27 – it took me 7 years to finish and publish.

31. The first year of my business was one of the hardest years of my life. I lost 3 beloved family members and experienced a miscarriage. All while working full-time, coaching, building an online business and completing a coaching certification.

32. My step-father and I had a rough start when he came on the scene, but are very close now, I call him my ‘Jiminey Cricket’.

33. My son and I were in a car accident last year. I now deal with ongoing chronic pain and knee issues, and my son has a permanent scar above his right eye.

34. I moved from London back to Newcastle, Australia when I was 5 months pregnant. I struggled with sickness throughout my pregnancy, and had a 20 hour labor then an emergency c-section. We had issues with feeding, sleeping, all of it. Motherhood is amazing and hard.

35. I launched my first mastermind this year. It has been on my ‘dream list’ since starting my business 5 years ago - now my sisters (and Mama!)

have joined me in the business.

36. My radio segment ‘Coffee and Faith’ has been on the air for nearly 2 years.

Now, here we are.... hello 36!

I have some 'fine lines' around my eyes, I am a little wiser, a few more scars, but I am grateful for it all! And looking forward to see what God has in store for me over the next 36 years :).

PS: If you need some inspiration today, listen to one my FAVOURITE Elvis moments here.

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