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Confessions from an imperfect Christian: How to create success on God’s terms

Let me just make this confession: I’m not a Bible teacher.

Or a faith guru.

I'm just a regular person who firmly believes that faith works.

Every time I've taken a step out, hustled, prayed, and done 'the thing,' God has shown up faithfully.

I can look back and my career and 7-year-business journey (and 13 year media career before that) and see how God has been laying out a path for me – even if I couldn’t see it myself.

I have seen and experienced the ‘success’ the world tells you to aim for.

The money, the achievements, the title, company with benefits, the followers, the house with the media room, the full passport, the VIP experiences.

None of these things are bad.

I like nice things.

I like experiences.  

I love travel.

But I also love stability and control.

And knowing what my next 5 years will look like.

But when God’s plans for your life don’t exactly line up with the ‘vision’ you had for yourself.. that’s uncomfortable.

I found myself at this very road one day – and I had a lot of boxes in my life checked.

It made no sense to change anything.

But I knew if I kept going that way, I would have no peace. Or fulfilment.

I would have all the other things.

But what is the point if your soul is constantly in tension with your daily life?

Enter: a new business, a new direction and a whole new focus.

It’s not easy to do things differently.

But I recognise that when you are willing to go out into the deep with God, that’s when God meets you – not just with needs, but with real relationship.

You can only really get to know God and His heart towards you if you are willing to get uncomfortable.

Looking back, here’s the one step I took that started this journey of ‘succeeding God’s way’.

I required clarity.

That’s right.

I prayed, I researched, I did vision boards, I signed up to trainings, I said to God ‘I will not make one more move until you give me your answer here. What is next?’.

I honestly sought the answer until it showed up.

And just like it says in His Word, when you seek, you will find.

What is the next step?

For me, it was starting an online coaching business.

Which was terrifying but also made perfect sense for where I was.

So I took the next step.

7 years later, hundreds of clients later, a book later, a kid later, an international move later, a radio show, online courses and masterminds.. I can see how God was making this road for me all along.

I just needed to take the first step.

If you are feeling stuck, discouraged or just need to know what God is calling you to do (not what the world is telling you to!) – do this one thing: pray for clarity.

And wait, pray and seek until you get it


Trust me, God will show up. Then it's up to you to take action.

And just like 7 years ago, he’s now calling me to a new thing.

I have created a new podcast called ‘Life On God’s Terms’ – where I’ll be joined by my sister co-hosts and special guests as we talk about what success looks like -from a faith lens.

And again, I’m uncomfortable – yet it makes perfect sense.

And while I may be nervous about stepping out (again) – I feel completely at peace - which is how I know God is in this, and that's the only success metric I am interested in today.




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