ne day can change everything


For the faith-filled ambitious woman who is ready to serve, sell, and stand out in business. It's time to showcase your God-given talents and get serious about business. 

VIP Intensive and Coaching 



You are a  faith-filled, ambitious go-getter and you KNOW  you were created for impact. For awesome.

You are ready to step out into the destiny God has created you for.


You are ready to serve and to sell and finally…. create the life and business you are so ready to have but too humble to ask for.

Where financial prosperity isn’t a dream, it’s a given.

Join me 1 on 1 for a VIP intensive that can change everything.  

This VIP intensive is for women who know exactly what change or result they want  in business - and need a deep dive session to give them: a blueprint action plan, a goal setter, and confidence to take action with fearless authenticity. 


The VIP intensive is a face-to-face session that will provide you with an action plan of what goals you want to achieve - you know what you want, the VIP will get you super clear on these desires, and map out the way to get them.

Just me and you. 1-1. Girl talk. Business talk. Faith talk. Strategy Planning. Crystal Clarity on your Message. With coffee and wine… to talk about your business (or dream business), your goals, your dream clients. 


After this session, you will walk away with: complete clarity on what you need to do, a strategy on how to do it and the confidence to follow it through. Imagine a day dedicated to totally focus on your business and the impact you were called to make.

I'm a faith girl, a coach, a writer,  a PR expert, someone who knows how to bring together your soul's intention and calling with a real strategy to create real results. 


Give me one day.


Bring your inner Beyonce. And walk away with knowing exactly what needs to be done, how to do it and feeling totally awesome and confident in achieving your dreams.  Imagine leaving your private Intensive feeling motivated, inspired and totally clear about what needs to be done in your life.


This stylish intensive is custom designed for you and includes a whole day together in a beautiful setting with lunch and refreshments provided. The location will be in either Newcastle or Sydney,  to be determined closer to the date. 

We can cover it all, in one day just focused on you, and your goals, on your impact.

Give yourself the gift of time.

Time to explore.

Time to get real.

Time to connect.

Time to create.

And walk out with the confidence of who you are, what you stand for and the exact steps of what to do next.

And as a bonus… a coach in your corner, who you have access to – who will help you get there – in 90 days.

Put your faith into action. If you feel a nudge, some curiosity, some excitement mixed with fear... don't ignore the calling.

Let’s go. Your destiny is waiting. 

What's included in this package:
  • Before we begin I'll have you fill out a welcome pack so we're sure to meet your needs.  All intensives are bespoke and customised to individual goals but we will cover some topics below based on your needs, and where your business is at 

  • Throughout your intensive, you will have time and space needed to help you to overcome fear of change and gain clarity in your life so you can create clear actionable outcomes in your next step in business 

  • 6 hours of one-on-one time with me to deep dive in and cover the above, answer your questions and fulfill your capabilities. No small talk here! 

  • Clarity on your business strategy: who to market to and how to make money ( we go through your program, your clients and how to attract them)

  • Clarity on your Unique Service Point (USP) - Your star power and what makes you stand out

  • Review and audit your business and marketing copy

  • Create a marketing plan that is doable, clear and simple for you 

  • A day at a lovely hotel with a beautiful lunch

  • Detailed welcome packet for me to get to know you before the intensive

  • An action plan to take home with you so you know exactly what you will be working on to get you to achieve results

  • 6 x one hour follow-up sessions after the intensive (over a 3 month period) to keep you accountable and supported during this period

  • Make decisions in line with your faith and calling in a strategic way

Interested to know more? I only have 5 spots available.
  Book a Free 30 minute discovery session with me and let's chat to see if we are a good match and how I can help. 

email support@lifeonherterms.com for more information

International VIP Intensive Sessions Available:

Please email for further details and to discuss available dates and sessions at: support@lifeonherterms.com