Before I started working with Rachel I felt really stagnant in my career. I was starting to get frustrated with being just mildly content with my job on a day to day basis.  I loved the people I worked with, but I knew I could do so much more and I felt that I wasn't getting the respect I deserved at work and that I wasn't earning the amount of money I felt I deserved and that I wanted to make in order to be happy and live the lifestyle I wished.  Since working with Rachel I was able to gain more confidence in my experience and knowledge in the workplace. This lead me getting a more senior job in a new company in my industry with a pay raise of 30% in my salary!  Rachel helped me prep for my interview so that I went  in completely confident in myself and my experiences and ready to showcase my talents and answer any questions thrown my way.  Rachel also helped me with a strategy for negotiating the terms of my new contract.  Rachel's coaching has played an integral part in me taking the next step in my career! I would definitely recommend Rachel's coaching to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life. Rachel is extremely professional and I really looked forward to all of our sessions. I left each session feeling inspired and felt the programme was amazing for keeping the momentum going with inspiring positive change in my life.  - Amelia Ritchie, Sales Executive, London

"Rachel helped me prepare for a really important job interview that I had coming up. She took all the scrambled ideas in my head and helped me translate them into something much more coherent. We reworked my presentation to make it punchier and practiced my delivery to ensure I hit all the keys points I wanted to get across. We also did some role play to attempt any interview questions that I was concerned about and she gave me some great practical tips on how best to shape my answers and demonstrate my experience. Rachel has a real knack of unlocking potential and she radiates positivity. After one hour I instantly felt better about my upcoming interview and was ready to go in and show what I could do. She gave me the confidence to be the best I could be and I walked away feeling worth so much more - and with my dream job!  I owe this girl big time! " 

-Phillippa Spurr, Communications Manager, London

“Rachel is an incredible coach. Her zest for life and growth is infectious, and she has the divine ability to know exactly how to tackle a goal or problem. She is so genuine and passionate about her work...but what I love most about Rachel is how she’s a pro at what she does! Her ability to look at an issue from another angle is invaluable. Some of my best ideas have come from just spending a few minutes with her! She inspires me to be a better me!”

- Kathy Haan, Founder of Idyllic Pursuit, Iowa USA

“Rachel is energetic, intuitive, intelligent & quietly confident. She engages you in a fresh inquisitive way. She is a keen listener, highly empathetic with a sharp wit & mind and makes people think in the process by challenging the status quo. She also has a warm welcoming presence that makes people feel at ease instantly and is a natural cheerleader for her clients.”

- Georgina Sada, Creativity Coach, London UK

“ The coaching I received from Rachel was the perfect way to start-off the New Year! Her intensive session put me on the right track to achieving my goals and prioritising my focal points to achieve a more balanced life. She was incredibly flexible to what I wanted to discuss and really listened to my aspirations and what I was hoping to accomplish. Often I find that I want to achieve such a tremendous amount, that getting there becomes overwhelming, but Rachel was able to give me a clear plan-of-action and set achievable milestones to my overall long-term goals. Not only has she given me the tools to reaffirm my objectives, she has also helped me to de-clutter all the things from my life that were disrupting my focus.  I came away from our session feeling empowered and motivated and have been working on my plan in practice every since!”

-Natalina Manni, TV Programme Manager

"Rachel Reva changed my life! She gave me the tools that made me realize what truly mattered to me and made clear the next steps I should explore. She is very skilled and so personable! I would recommend her to any woman who is looking for a coach." 

Kathy Neal,   Teacher, Georgia, USA

“I would absolutely recommended Rachel  as a, coach – she is  kind and gentle, whilst at the same time being firm in her support of me being a better me! Rachel helped me realise that to be the best mum and partner that I can be, I need  be kinder  to myself. After working with Rachel, I felt lighter - as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She helped me look at my life, how I can be a better ME and has inspired me to make ME a priority from now on.”

- Emma Rose, Employment Consultant, QLD Australia

My time with Rachel was REALLY helpful, I was dabbling between two niches and was in a low place as I have launched in my new niche thinking it was what I wanted, but soon realised I wasn't feeling the joy and wanted to back peddle.  Rachel gave me total clarity and confidence to reposition myself which was SO helpful. I am now fully in one niche, rebranded slightly and feel amazing! Her coaching style asked all the right questions that made me tap into what is really important to me which is exactly what I wanted and needed to hear (desperately at that time). I highly recommend her if you're feeling stuck and want to become unstuck her warm nature makes this all the better! Thank you so much 

- Nadia Rae, The Systaniser (systems and organisation coach) , London

Rachel is a gem! I've been struggling with my sales copy for weeks and just 1 session with her , Rachel helped me magnify an awesome headline, help me really get to grips with the problem and pain of my ideal client and hit the nail with the real transformation I can assist with my ideal clients with. Rachel has this innate ability to re-shape my sentences without changing the entire tone of my writing. In just 1 session, we nailed my sales copy and the very next day I signed on my 1st USD3000 client with this amazing sales copy. Awesome coach! Thank you Rachel!

- Adelena Chong, Entrepreneur Coach

Rachel is an incredible coach. She helped me to get so much clearer on my messaging and how it connects to my story! I was struggling on this piece in my business and it was affecting my confidence in showing up as my best. After my session with Rachel I walked away with clarity, a full outline on my story and most important with so much more confidence sharing my message and my story. I can totally recommend Rachel if you need help with your messaging!

- Irina Ray Balko, International Business & Success Coach

Rachel’s energy is contagious, she is motivating and inspiring. I loved working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for clarity on their messaging and getting visible. Rachel will push you out of your comfort zone by encouraging you with the faith she has in you and will give you the confidence to go for it. I worked with Rachel for just over 3 months and in this time she provided amazing support, great guidance and an abundance of faith and encouragement. While working with her I gained the confidence to go live on social media and pitch my work to international online publications. I can honestly say that I would not have gotten these results so fast without her support, knowledge and guidance. Rachel is a great coach and source of inspiration.

- Amanda Murray, motherhood coach, Ireland

"I feel more self-confidence and faith in my purpose, but also more purpose in my faith.  I feel like I am a star who has a message to share and can help other woman rise, because of my own story and experience. Rachel's personality and energy resonated with me. I have launched Speak your Power programme, I have a pitch and I feel more focused.  The sessions were inspiring, real, supportive. Her encouragement is off the hook. If you are thinking of working her with - do it! I'll email her for you to tell her you're coming :) " 

-Daisy da Veiga, Motivational Speaker and Empowerment Coach

Rotterdam, The Netherlands