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Self-paced online course 


Go from making a paycheck to living with purpose


Are you…

Tired of just working to just make a living?  Feel stuck  in a career or lifestyle that used to light you up  and made you jump out of bed in the mornings? Those projects that you used to feel super passionate about now are just on a to-do list – you have been there, done that....

You thought you would be in a different place right now, a better paid role or more senior position -  you thought your career could change the world.


You want to feel grateful for the life that you have – your life seems to tick the boxes of success – but you want more. And when you are on your way to work each day you find yourself thinking ‘Is this all there is?’


On the outside, nothing looks wrong, yet everything is. 

You feel stuck and don’t know what to do next.












I get it. I know your pain. 12 months ago, my life looked very different. I had always had the goal of making ‘manager’ by 30 years old – I spent 11 years climbing a corporate ladder which I had been incredibly passionate about. I loved the feeling of achievement in my PR career, of knowing I was great at what I did and felt fulfilled. But something changed 2 years ago.












I was de-motivated. I felt frustrated, mis-understood and frankly like I had to act my way through the day.  I had moved from Sydney to London looking for my ‘more’ – and while I loved the lifestyle change London gave me, I still felt like something was missing.


I landed what I thought would be my dream job working for the BBC  - I thought I had finally 'made it'. But after my first day I realised: this is not what I want to do anymore.

I had worked for years pining to get to this moment in my career. And here I was, walking home after my first  miserable 11 hour day (on the way home that night I picked up a burrito, bottle of wine and chocolate bar to help dull my misery) and went home and stared blankly at the TV thinking ‘what is wrong with me?’. It was a baffling, scary time.

I kept going and thought that if I could just climb the ladder things would get better. I landed my first 'manager' job at 30 years old and assumed  finally getting that brass ring would make me happy. 












Sadly that wasn't the case.  

My purpose for years had been to build a career I was proud of, earn a good income and save money. I had achieved these things, but I was ready for more and had yet to figure out what ‘more’ meant for me. I wasn’t just bored, I was unfulfilled and aimless. I was so sick of being in response mode to other people's drama - I felt like I was always in crisis mode and felt I couldn't plan to have a life. 

For the first time in my life, I didn’t have a plan. Just a question. 

What am I meant to do with my life?


It took a lot of soul-searching, another 6 months of soul-sucking and monotonous 9-5 drudgery before I discovered what I am telling you today:  

Without a  purpose, you will never be fulfilled.

I had no idea what to do next (other than continue working in the false dream job I had until I figure it out). I spoke to friends and family and had a range of responses: it will get better…you should have a baby (my favourite)... if it pays the bills that’s good enough… you just need to  put in a few more years… why don’t you do more study?  


None of it felt right for me, but I knew I was meant for more.


What I finally figured out was that I needed support to get me to the next step. I found a high-level coach that would change the course of my life and career.


I discovered my life purpose and found that I hadn’t lost the passion or ambition that had made me so successful in my previous career, but my desires in life had changed.


There had been signs pointing me to my new purpose – I just hadn’t noticed them before.  But my coach drew those out of me. My inner desires that I used to dream about on my way to my 9-5 job became goals that I achieved with the right support, accountability and resources.


I had a purpose, but I needed support to discover it. I had

desires, but I needed clarity on what those were and turn

those into achievable goals. I re-discovered the things that

had made me so passionate about my career to begin with

and re-designed my life around it.


What I wanted was a life and career on my terms.

And that is exactly what I have built for myself.  


What I realised was the version of success I had chased after

all those years to achieve, wasn't connected to the lifestyle

 I desired anymore or the passions that had gotten me into

my PR career in the first place.


But that all changed when I worked with a high level coach  who helped me discover my purpose, get rid of my fear and  take action on creating the life and career I had always dreamed of.

Once you are clear on your purpose, confident about the direction you are heading in life – everything in  life becomes simpleNot easy – but simple. I had to work through limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt that what I wanted was even possible for myself.


Once I re-discovered my passion - that had been lost in climbing the corporate ladder, I was able to re-design my life and career on my terms. 








 And that is exactly what I am here to help you do. My version of success will look very different to  yours. And it should be.  You have a unique  purpose that only YOU can fulfil.                 That may look like a different job, or a promotion, or a break from your career, or a side passion that you have been thinking about it, or travelling the world, or writing that book. Whatever it is, as an ambitious woman you know you are capable of incredible things in your life. 


You know those women who are living on purpose. Their energy exudes it.  They know what they want, what their place in the world is, are happy with how they earn an income, get paid their worth and are totally confident about going for it. People love being around them, because they have something incredible to offer the world and they know it.


That can be you too. 















As a Public Relations expert who has worked for numerous TV networks including the BBC, managed campaigns in Australia and the UK, worked with political offices around the world, produced news programs and now write for the Huffington Post – I know what it takes to get results. I now use the same tenacity and ambition that built  my career to help incredible  clients create a life, career and business they absolutely love.


My mission is to help incredible women stop settling in life, to know what they desire in life and fearlessly go for it. 


I have been mentored by world-class coaches who have showed me the exact steps to get success in any part of your life. I know what it takes to achieve YOUR purpose in life – not what society or someone else says you are meant to be doing.


Let me help you re-design your life and live it passionately. 


Imagine having one on one support from a coach who has been there herself, who gets the corporate world and the frustration of knowing you are meant to do something big with your life but it feels out of reach. Or desiring to up-level her life and career but not knowing where to start.


  • Gain clarity on exactly what you want from your life and career

  • Turn your desires into goals with deadlines

  • Design an action plan with practical, achievable steps that will get you results

  • Find your authentic voice and feel confident using it in every area of your life

  • Unlock your greatness – identify your strengths and what you offer the world

  • Bring meaning back to your work

  • Introduce strategies that will keep you focussed on your priorities

  • Remove the fear and self-doubt blocking you from a life on your terms













According to a recent Gallop report, only 13 per cent of employees feel engaged at work across the globe – and the reason for this is they have lost their passion for what they do. 

My job is help you figure that out – because I have been there myself and I can support you on the way so you don’t do any of this alone or scared about the journey.  No more fear, self-doubt or Monday morning drudgery.


Just look at these clients and the results they have achieved since working with me:




“Rachel is an incredible coach. Her zest for life and growth is infectious, and

 she has the divine ability to know exactly how to tackle a goal or problem. She

is so genuine and passionate about her work...but what I love most about Rachel

is how she’s a pro at what she does! Her ability to look at an issue from another

angle is invaluable. Some of my best ideas have come from just spending a few

minutes with her! She inspires me to be a better me!”

— Kathy Haan, Founder of Idyllic Pursuit, Iowa USA


“Rachel Reva changed my life! She gave me the tools that made me realize what

truly mattered to me and made clear the next steps I should explore. She is very

skilled and so personable! I would recommend her to any woman who is looking

for a coach” — Kathryn N, real estate investor, Georgia, USA


"The coaching I received from Rachel was the perfect way to start-off the New

Year! Her intensive session put me on the right track to achieving my goals and

prioritising my focal points to achieve a more balanced life. Often I find that I

want to achieve such a tremendous amount, that getting there  becomes

overwhelming, but Rachel was able to give me a clear plan-of-action and set 

achievable milestones to my overall long-term goals. Not only has she given me

the tools to reaffirm my objectives, she has also helped me to de-clutter all the

things from my life that were disrupting my focus. I felt empowered and feeling

motivated to put my plan into practice!"  - Natalina Manni, TV Programme

Manager, London UK




  • Welcome pack for you to complete 

  • A week of orientation for you to complete prior to the program 

  • 6 modules - with videos and workbooks - to examine different areas of your life  

  • Reading and resource materials

  • email support during the course

  • clarity on what you want from life and how to get it

  • mindset makeover - which can be the most important part of this process

  • transform your relationship with money

  • additional resources - an orientation pack and book recommendations on specific areas to keep you fully supported and motivated 

This is s self-paced online study course. There are no live calls or 1-1 coaching included  with this course. If you are looking for a 1-1 live coaching session please email

Imagine getting up every day and loving your life. It is totally possible when you are living on purpose. We invest in our homes, our bodies our families - when is the last time you invested in yourself? If you commit to these next 90 days and do the work - your life will completely transform. I give you the tools, the support, the time and space to get totally clear on what is meant for you. Your incredible life can start today - but it takes one decision to  get started.

If you don’t take action right now – the one thing I can guarantee is that nothing in your life will change.

Tomorrow you’ll return to your same unmotivating job, same boring lifestyle, just waiting for payday,  lunch at the same place and continue counting down hours until the weekend and look up how much vacation time you have to use. You’ll continue day dreaming about ‘one day’ on your way to work everyday.


Join our ‘paycheck to purpose’ program and start living life on your terms today.

Lifetime access to the course for the 1 time payment of:











PS... Right now I am sure you are thinking of the number of things this money could be used for. You are a smart, practical woman who is used to figuring things out for herself. But just consider this – when is the last time you invested in yourself? Really? This is all about YOU – your desires, your future, your career and lifestyle – and no one is responsible for that except YOU. I do hope you realise how awesome you are and how incredible your life can, by just saying YES to this offer, you are declaring to the universe that you are ready for something more. Don’t delay your destiny any longer – the world is waiting!

In this 6 week transformation package you will get:

*Payment plans are available. Please email for details

Now, I get to work from wherever I want, travel the world with my husband, work with incredible women, write for global publications and get paid to do work that I love. 

Keeping it real:

If you are not ready to do the work, plus homework and reading material - then this is not the program for you.  If you have any questions about the course please email: - and we will get back to you within 48 hours.



What will the training look like? 

Once you sign up to the the program , within 24 hours you will receive access to an online course with: a welcome pack,  an orientation program, videos, workbooks and reading materials. This course is entirely self paced, so you can complete the materials and modules at your pace. 


Will I have any contact with Rachel Reva?

This course is entirely self paced and no live coaching calls are included, which is why it's at the accessible rate it is.  If you have any questions about the course at and our team will get back to you within 24 hours. If you are looking for a VIP intensive day or virtual online session with Rachel, please reach out to our team and we can put you on our wait list when spots open up.


What if I am interested but can’t pay the full amount right now?

We do have payment plans available on request – so please email to discuss,


How can you guarantee results?

We can’t – because that is up to you. I give you all the tools and resources available – the same ones that helped me transform my life and career, but the rest is up to you. Back in Georgia, we used to say – you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink! I am as committed to success as you are – so even if you aren’t ‘feeling it’ – you do the actions – and the answers will appear. Just like if you sign up to a personal trainer – most of the transformation happens  once you commit to daily habits. The secret is – you have the answers, I am just here to facilitate the process through the course. I can guarantee that you will get out of it what you put in to this course!

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