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Make your publicity dreams happen (in 10 minutes a day)

Increase traffic to your site Get in front of your ideal audience Raise your


Land media coverage, grow your business and become the 'go to' thought leader in your industry.

For the woman in business who is ready to increase her impact and go to the next level in her business journey.

You came to the right place.

If you are ready to: publish that book, launch (or re-launch) that podcast, pitch yourself for that column, reach out to that influencer, get featured in Forbes  and The Today Show… to share your message and multiply your impact.


This program is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to business or just looking for a way to elevate your business – publicity is a game changer. And all it takes is 10 minutes a day.

Visibility is the new currency.

You know one TV spot, radio feature or magazine interview can bring you your next level in business.

You dream of seeing your business in national and global media, but the reality is:

You don’t know where to even start with landing media coverage. 

I get you.


Before I started my own business, I worked  in the media industry for 12 years as a news publicist and PR manager, including working at the ABC in Sydney and BBC in London (you can find out more about my story here).















But when it came to my own business, I was nervous about putting myself out there.  I had no problem pitching someone else's story or business, but when it came to my own publicity, I used every excuse under the sun to stay hidden. 


But once I finally put into practice what I did for my clients and started publicising myself, that’s when my business started to thrive.


I started: attracting new clients. I raised my rates. I landed a book deal. I landed my own radio spot. I launched a mastermind and host VIP intensives with business owners across the world.


I have been featured in over 20 media outlets including:  The  Huffington Post and Goalcast.


I have worked with TV presenters, executive producers, movie stars and prime ministerial offices on breaking stories, writing media releases, creating stories, pitching articles and dealing with editors of international media outlets.


Now, I work with women in business (and organisations) all over the world, teaching  the insider secrets of how to land media coverage and get their business the attention it deserves. 


Clients who have worked me with have: landed national TV and radio spots, been featured in global publications, launched books, landed speaking gigs, increased their rates, landed high-end clients and attracted brand partnerships.


 What our clients are saying...

“I signed up to the ‘Publicise Yourself’ course to gain insight and tools to act as my own publicist. I learned what sources were the perfect fit for my business goals, who to contact and how to approach them, and practical ways to record my data and efforts. Working with Rachel to increase my publicity opportunities was a great experience. She shared insider tips (I’d never heard before), practical templates for emails, step-by-step guidelines for pitching (especially to podcasts), and so much more. Her professional knowledge is extensive. I was also deeply encouraged by her coaching expertise. Rachel helped me identify blocks I’d missed. It was a life-changing breakthrough.I highly recommend Rachel’s programs and coaching.

-Mary Whitman Ortiz, Founder of Limitless Intimacy, Florida, USA



“My biggest media win has been appearing in a magazine that’s only printed once a year, so having 12 months of exposure, nationally, is phenomenal. I would also say being empowered to connect with some quite influential people, simply by being given the tools by Rachel to step out and reach out – amazing! My eyes have been opened to the media world and I now really truly believe that nothing is off limits. With this, your confidence personally does grow and you begin to level up in so many ways. The biggest I’ve improved in is confidence, which in turn has helped bring more of my clientele to me, as well as then appear across and in a number of different media outlets within my field of work.”

-  Becc Burgmann, Interior Designer, Sydney, Australia


“Before joining, I had a website that was operational but didn’t have any traffic going to it. We didn’t have social media presence or any traction for our SEO. We only received referrals through word of mouth. I have published articles, written blogs, have a regular social media presence on multiple platforms, have a marketing plan to keep building our profile, have started an email list, and I am about ready to launch my course and membership programme. Once I started pitching to different media organisations I found that it wasn’t as scary and overwhelming as I had thought it would be. For the woman who feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders in running a business, but would like to be able to share the load with friends, and have encouragement along the journey. This is for the woman who doesn’t even know that she needs a group like this, or that she could benefit from PR and marketing support.”

– Karen Maurer, Founder of Capable Spaces, Newcastle, Australia


“Joining the group gave me confidence and strategy to step out of my comfort zone and know HOW to contact the media, write a media release and have the confidence to believe that I could do what God was asking me to do. Rachel and her team are so encouraging and there at every step of the way, through the ups to celebrate and to provide God given encouragement through the lows.”

– Debbie Hopper, Founder of  'LifeSkills4Kids', Taree, Australia

These women were once where you are, and they decided to step up and take action.

This could be you too.

Enrol in 'Publicise Yourself' and have instant access to a course, community and support from women like you have never experienced before. 


I have put all of my publicity insider secrets inside a program just for you.


Media isn’t just about collecting logos.


It’s about growing your business and getting real results.

Lady, your media dreams can't afford to wait any longer.


 And you don't have to wait until you can ‘afford a publicist’ before you land media coverage.


Forget facebook ads, networking events, expensive gurus…


'Publicise Yourself Academy' is everything you need to: pitch your business to the media in 10 minutes a day.


If you are ready to...


  • Have the media call you

  • Secure brand partnerships

  • Attract new leads to your business (on auto-pilot)

  •  Accelerate your business growth

  •  Stand out as an expert in your industry

  • Increase your SEO (google becomes your best friend)

  • Secure Grant Funding and premium sponsorships



'Publicise Yourself Academy' will help you do exactly that. 

Use proven media secrets and timeless visibility strategies to help your businesses thrive and grow with ease.

Signature Coaching
Check out the course.jpg
What's included...

Video trainings: A self-paced online course, with over 20 modules (and counting) with simple, practical and actionable steps you can implement n 10 minutes a day.  You'll get access to my secret vault of video trainings, email templates, check lists, swipe files, and ready-to-go media lists. You get access to any new modules and up-to-date video trainings to keep you inspired and up to date on new trends online and in the media, along with featuring guest experts.


Module Workbooks:  Clear action steps  in a super clear workbook — to apply what you learn to GET REAL MEDIA RESULTS without overthinking or overwhelm that comes with most online programs. Each module contains a video training and a workbook  to help you implement what you are learning today (in 10 minutes or less).


It's time. 

For you to be the expert the Morning Show calls.

For you to get visible in a whole new way.

To be seen for the incredible gifts you have.

To land that bigger stage talk.

For your business to get the attention it finally deserves.

To share the message the world needs to hear.







What media gives you...


Honestly, there is nothing more empowering then seeing your name in print or hearing it on the radio. It gives you the ‘I can do anything’ hit so you can go for the next client and next big win.


As soon as people see your media stories, your business is instantly elevated. Media coverage establishes your business as credible and increases the trust factor. Earned media is one of the most powerful ways to attract high end clients and parnterships to your business (for free).


Media is another funnel for your business. It’s another way to attract new clients to your: mailing list and community. Imagine waking up to new leads that come your way from your latest expert article. Yes, this happens. Think of media as another sales person in your business working 24/7.

I put everything I have learned - that has helped me and my clients land media opportunities in this proven system that will help you do the same.


Our goal is to see more empowering stories of women in the media all over the world.


Media is the most untapped and lucrative opportunity for business owners that can grow your business and give you tangible results (for free).


































This course teaches practical skills that will improve the bottom line of your business, without spending a dollar on advertising or expensive meet and greet events.

Enrol today.

Your media star journey starts right now.

You'll have access to 20 modules (and counting) of
up-to-date media trainings and online trends that you can implement with ease... 

>>Check out behind-the-scenes of 'Publicise Yourself' here  <<

Lifetime access


One time payment

  • Access to the full suite of 'Publicise Yourself Academy' course, including instant access to all modules, templates, scripts, trainings and updated teachings.

  • Self-paced, learn on your own schedule

  • Timeless secrets that will help you at every stage of business


Every module can be completePerfect for the motivated learner who loves to course binge!

*This is a self paced course, there are no coaching calls or group access



Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join 'Publicise Yourself' and not just hire a publicist? 

Firstly: The cost. Having a publicist on your team (or even just for a launch campaign) will cost thousands of dollars a month regardless of the results.When a publicist leaves, they take their journalist contacts with them. I'm teaching you how to connect with high profile journalists so you can be the one to reach out to  the ABC or The Guardian or that dream podcast  - with confidence. Every executive and successful business person I have worked with understands the power of having strong media connections and how to leverage that in their own business. When you join 'Publicise Yourself', you are learning a skill that will add value to every other part of business: from sales, networking, writing and media handling. Third: Opportunities: Media pitching opens your business up to endless opportunities to get visible - on your terms.  Publicists do an important job, but I believe that every woman should learn this skill for herself, which is key to helping your business standout in an ever saturated market. No one will ever represent your business better then you. 

I want to do this but I'm so busy already, don't know how I can fit it in.

I made this program for the 'time poor' business woman who is ready to get real results.  You can implement this program in 10 minutes a day. Each video is bite-sized, so you can complete your training, do your 1 or 2 action steps and get your pitch sent before your first client meeting of the day.  It's simple, accessible and you can start your media journey today, regardless or how busy you are. Truth moment: you have to make it a priority (like anything else in life), be consistent, do the work and that's when the results start to come. You gotta start somewhere and this program was created to give you the best chance possible at succeeding - without overwhelm and with plenty of time left in your day for life and business.

How is this different from other programs I have purchased? 

We focus on growing your business through earned media coverage and visibility strategies. You need to already have a business (or at least a framework) set up to get the most out of this program. We are here to help you amplify your business, not start from the ground up. We have seen so many business owners invest in courses leaving them financially stressed and no better off. There is little up-front investment, but if you are a 'doer', you'll start seeing media  results in as quickly as 48 hours, and that's where the real fun begins. Once you get that first 'media' win, you become unstoppable in every part of your life and business. There is low-risk, high reward investment. 

Can you guarantee I will get media coverage?

Nope. Depends on too many factors that are outside our control. But I can tell you this, every person who has completed all the modules and showed up for calls has been featured in media. Do the work, and you'll reap the rewards. And the coverage you do get will be releavent to your business goals. There are plenty of sites and 'publicists' who will guarantee media spots, but they either are paid advertising or 'publicity spots' that aren't related to your audience or your goals. We are here to help you get media coverage that is right for YOUR business - whether you are service based, in the health sector, a coach or bricks and morter business owner, there is a media outlet that is right for you and your business, and this program will help you discover the perfect formula for your business, in a simple way. 

Do you offer corporate packages?  I have a team who could benefit from this type of training and support.

Yes! We have offered similar courses and training to groups and teams. Please email and we are happy to discuss.

What happens after I sign up?

You'll receive a receipt in your email and within 24 hours of purchase a welcome email will be sent to you with login details for the membership site and next steps for you to get started, so you can start your media journey straight away!



                 A final note from Rachel...












Lady, if you have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for your moment: this is it.

I don't care what your background is, what your story is... there is a place for you, your business and your message  in today's media.  The world needs to see you. The media is waiting to hear from women just like you. God created you to be known. For the gifts He gave you, for the expertise you have, for the story you have lived. Stop hiding and make the decision today to step out. There is a stage with your name on it and no one else can fill it.  I have worked with women just starting out to 7 figure earners, and I know this for sure: media will help you get to that next level in business, whatever that is for you. Show up, do the work, and see what happens. 


Earnings Disclaimer...

I don't believe in get rich programs  or overnight success – just in adding value, hard work and serving others. All of our programs are intended to help you share your passion, get more visible and land media coverage. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Your results in life are up to you and the amount of effort and resources that you are willing to put into succeeding. We just want to help you by giving you amazing content, tips, direction and strategies that help you move forward to business success. Nothing on this page or any of our sites is a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results, and we do not offer any legal, tax, medical or other professional or similar advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings. All testimonials that you see are sent by those giving the testimonial and are assumed to be an honest reflection of the results achieved, although we are not able to guarantee this. The numbers should be considered for illustrative purposes only. In fact, the average person that purchases this and other programs never puts the work into implementing the strategies taught and therefore achieves little or no results. Our more detailed disclaimer, privacy policy and terms for this program and website can be seen below. It's all the regular legal jargon and nothing to be intimidated by, but we believe in transparency and maintaining a high standard of integrity and want you to feel good about your investment!

Got more questions?
and we'll respond in the next 48 hours.
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