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For the ambitious, professional, Christian woman who is ready to step into the destiny God created her for.

If you are an ambitious gal who leads with heart and knows she is meant for something BIG, then this book is for you. If you have ever wondered if it’s possible to CLIMB and SERVE at the same time – to be YOU and still be respected at work – this book is for you.

If you have a vision for your life that you know requires influence and leadership, this book will help you grow into who you are meant to be – with class, humility, and fearless authenticity.

Rachel Reva is a Southern Belle from a small-town in Georgia who has gone on to travel the world. She shares her strategies and hacks that landed her dream job at the BBC in London.

In Grit, Grace and Hustle, Rachel shares rules for the career gal who wants to succeed with class and lead with heart. Among many other things, she will show you how to: ask for a raise; put your foot down to your co-worker or boss; and how to confront a bully.

You don’t need to ‘act’ your way through your job – you can be your authentic self, climb that ladder and achieve everything you desire in your life and career – with some grit and a whole lot of grace.

While the models of ‘success’ we have been taught aren’t working for us anymore, this book is a guide for those incredible women who have a heart and a soul and who want to succeed.

This book is a guide to REAL success for the faith-filled gal. It is about stepping into everything you were created for. It’s about creating success on your terms – the kind that feels good on the inside, that makes you smile when you wake up in the mornings, not a box that you tick on behalf of society, your parents or your friends.

You were created for IMPACT. For AWESOME. For something that is so particular, so specific and bespoke for you, your personality, your likes, your dislikes, your experience, your background, your hurts, your mistakes – it’s all a recipe that is going to help propel you exactly where you were designed to be.

With grit, grace and a lot of hustle, you will stand out from the crowd.

Grit, Grace & Hustle: A Faith Gal's Guide to Authentic Success

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