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If you build it, she WILL come - Inspiration for showing up with your message

Any 'Field of Dreams' fans out there?

I loved that film growing up.

It's so similar to business. It starts with a vision. A whisper. Something that might make NO sense in the practical world, to your circumstances, to your bank account, to your lifestyle.

But that's where the journey begins. When you start building that business, creating that product, investing in that 'thing' that feels so not practical, yet totally soul aligned. It's like God is urging you to take that leap.

And when you do, it can feel absolutely exhilarating. Then scary. Like real 'look at my bank balance, oh my gosh I put a baseball field on my crop, I must be crazy' type of scary.

Yeah, I have been there.

But the secret is: that's just part of the story. You gotta build it, so your clients - the ones who are so desperate for your service - find you. Build it, so she can find it.

You have to show up. Share your story. Share your message. Do that really uncomfortable thing that your soul is urging your to do.

By sharing your story - you are building that vision. One post at a time. One live video at a time. One media story at a time. One interview at a time.

Stop waiting, there is no perfect time.

If you share your message, she WILL come.

If you keep pitching yourself, media WILL come.

If you keep showing up, opportunity WILL come.

If you need help on getting your story out there, so your perfect dream clients (who have been praying to find the solution you offer) can find you - let's talk. Send me a DM.

I can help you publicise yourself - so that field you are building isn't just for your eyes. It's for the clients who will be waiting in line - to come and see YOU and be part of the IMPACT you were created for.

That fear you feel is just pointing you to the opportunity that is waiting for you.

Start building. We can't wait to see that stadium full of your raving fans, as you step out into the incredible purpose God has for you.

Much love,

Rachel Xx

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