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Hi there.....

Welcome to my world –
where anything is possible. 

I’m Rachel Reva, a success coach, global media strategist,  writer and traveller … and I already know something about you.

You are meant for something bigger. You know this. Lately you have been feeling like maybe you should just ‘be grateful’ for the 9-5 job you have, for the health you have and  the roof over your head, and you see you other friends and colleagues who seem quite content with their life as it is. And you think ‘why can’t I just be grateful for this life?’. The reason is, because you know there is something greater that you are called to do. It’s the dream that keeps coming up for you as you commute to your 9-5 job. Or that nagging feeling that your business is meant to have much more of an impact then it is right now.  That inner wisdom keeps telling you that you have a purpose for your life that is so much bigger then where you are at right now.


And you may be thinking ‘how would I even start?’. 

The answer is right now.

Imagine waking up each morning completely on fire and excited to start your day. What if that dream you keep having  is your purpose calling you? What if the life you have been dreaming of is not only possible, but its destined for you? What if you pursing your dream like your life depends on it isn’t all about you, but about serving the world?


Imagine never having to settle in life again. For a career that is less then what you want, that pays less money than you deserve, for a relationship that doesn’t make you feel like the queen you are, for a lifestyle that keeps you on the other side of the glass window looking in. Imagine being truly excited about your life. Imagine being ‘that girl’.  The dreams you have and the life you secretly desire is totally possible and available for you.

Life on your terms can start right here. But to commit to this life requires two things:

Quit the fear


The fear of not being good enough, of being different from your friends and family, of rejection of other people judging you…of failing.

When you are really called to do something – when it keeps showing up in your life over and over again, that’s not just an interesting coincidence – that is a sign that its time for you to step up and become the woman you are meant to be.

Take Massive Action

To live a life on your terms requires massive action and it starts right here. Together, we will discover your purpose, create your dream life and you will wake up every morning totally inspired. I believe that women who live out their purpose can change the world.  Be a world changer.