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Behind the scenes: what 'life on her terms' really looks like right now

When 'life on her terms' feels totally not like that...

When I started my business, I was living in London, newly married had a lot of time and freedom to focus on my business, travel, do cocktail hour and live a very insta worthy existence.

Since then, I have since learned that 'life on her terms' is as much of a vision as it is a commitment and lifestyle.

Some days it feels messy and hard, not too different from survival mode (see pic of toddler love strangling me below).

Some days I want to rename my business to ‘life on toddler’s terms’ as I feel I’m being run around by a cute little dictator who is obsessed with Moana on Disney Plus ( shout out to Disney Plus right now, it's saving me during COVID!). But then… I get a glimpse…. I get to be there for my son’s naps, most days. I’m responding to clients while negotiating bath and dinner time. Some days it feels like too much. But then..I remember…

This is the messy part of doing work and life on your terms.

Not everything goes to schedule, because I’m not on an office clock watch.

It’s draining sometimes, but mostly – I have freedom, time and this beautiful thing called choice. Choice to make money in a way that feels good to me, and spend time on my own priorities, which are changing as quickly as my stretchy pants.

So, if you see me in the grocery store and I look nothing like the care free woman in red lipstick, please know that - yes, I’m still living life on my terms. And some days that looks like red lipstick, other days it looks like jeggings and a messy bun and sweat shirt.

Maya Angelou said: "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and how you do it."

Some days just look more post-worthy than others.

Some days are just hard, even when you are living the dream.

Sometimes the most inspirational thing you can post is your own messiness.

And that’s life. Even when it’s on my terms.

Sending you much love during this time,

Rachel Xx

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