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When life crashes into you... (literally)

Yesterday I had the most joyfully productive day: you know the ones? Where you feel so on fire for your purpose, you are checking that list, making moves...I had just finished my publicity training inside my FB group ( goosebumps guys, for real, it was too good), and then: this happened. 

My son and I were in a car accident. It was quick and utterly terrifying. We are bruised, sore but unharmed.  The car is totaled. But we are safe. And the other family was too. 

And I feel so grateful. We had angels show up all around us, random strangers who took Michael while I was too weak to hold him. The guy who bought us cokes and got stuff out of my car. The women who waited with me while my husband and family came. 

Life happens. I have experienced such highs and lows together: where one thing is working so beautifully and another is literally torn apart. 

Where I’m standing fiercely and being knocked back by circumstances. 

Today I’m holding my son closer - Because life is short. I’m also working on launching my podcast- because life is short. 

Don’t let the crash in your life stop you from stepping up. Let it bring you clarity on what’s important, and become unstoppable in protecting and producing that thing you were created for.


I love that saying “if you are going  through hell, walk through like you own the  place”.

Not today devil, get out of my way, please. God and me got goals to slay. #godisgood #faithoverfear #entrepreneur #success #inspiration #business #publicity

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