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The real legacy of Tina Turner (and what business has got to do with it)

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The world has lost an icon.

It's easy to look at someone as iconic as Tina Turner and just marvel at her talent.

Her voice, her energy, her ability to perform, it was seriously unmatched. However, as women we owe her so much more then just what she gave us on stage. She inspired women by showing us... 🎤That you can start over, no matter how hard it looks. 🎤Fight for what matters. She walked away from a divorce with almost nothing but her name. But that's all she needed so she continue making music and re-invent herself so she could show the world what what she was capable of. 🎤If you aren't happy with something in your life: change it. You do have the choice, even if it's just to choose a positive thought. 🎤Don't let a man - or anyone - tell you how much you are worth. 🎤 Use your gifts, tell your story and use every talent God has given you to build the life and business you are worthy of. 🎤Your age and background can only hold you back if you decide it can. Growing up and seeing strong women: own a stage, run a business, speak from a platform, host a show, lead a country... it matters. Young women can only aspire to become who they see.

What does this have to do with your business? It's time to show up lady.

You have so much more to offer the world.

Your message matters.

Your story matters.

Your expertise matters.

And you don't have to promote yourself in a sleazy, scripted way that doesn't feel true to your values.

You get to be you - authentically.

And showcase the incredible talent and heart and mission that God gave you.

The media is looking for women just like you.

And there's a little girl right now who needs to see your story so she can know what's possible for her.

But you gotta show up for her - and pitch yourself.

I'm so ready to see a new wave of women in business unleash their 'inner Tina' - and stop asking for permission to be seen.

The next level of your business depends on your willingness to get visible in a new way.

It's your time superstar - the stage is set and ready.

If you are a woman in business who is ready to land media coverage in 10 minutes a day sign up to 'Publicise Yourself Academy' and have the media calling you for the next story.

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