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Teepees, letting go and 'The Home Edit'

I wanted to buy a tepee for my son’s 2nd birthday. As I was scrolling through etsy, I realized I found ‘the perfect’ gift – for the boy who loves nothing more then building forts and hiding in the most annoying and unusual places (under the house, in rose bushes, in my wardrobe), it would be perfect.

But as I looked at his room and tried to ‘configure’ it – it didn’t work.

He had too much stuff. I nearly deleted the idea, until I surveyed the space again. Half the things and toys consuming his room – he no longer used. I knew if I just put them in a trash bag, he wouldn’t blink.

He was no longer a baby cuddling and chewing on soft toys and plastic shakers. He was now a toddler, obsessed with trucks, Thomas, bob the builder, and anything that could look similar to destruction.

He was ready to move on.

But I didn’t have the room for him to.

It took a while – a few hours of bingeing the Home Edit (ladies can we please be friends? Seriously, it’s now a goal on my vision board)  going through his baby things, getting a little teary,  his clothes, his stuff – posting, selling, moving them on – to make the space for his big present.

But I did it.

And realized in the process I was having to let go of the baby I had and welcome this new little man into our life, into his new chapter of little boyhood.

If I didn’t let go he wouldn’t have the space to enjoy his new presents and embrace his new chapter.

And neither would I.

How many times do we stay stuck and prevent ourselves from welcoming that new, beautiful (insert tepee analogy) in our life?

If we don’t edit our things in our life as we move on, your drawers become so stuffed they become useless.

How many times have we kept things, clients, jobs, friends, relationships, because we weren’t ready to let go? Because we were afraid of losing something and not be open to the incredible new thing that is ready for us – if we just made room for it?

Letting go isn’t easy. But without it, life becomes so cluttered, you start to close the door on spaces that were meant for enjoyment.

Like the Home Edit girls say – every space should be: systematic, functional and beautiful.

It’s the same with life.

It’s all about embracing the season you are in, not holding on to the old one.

Make room for the tepee. You might find yourself reading that stack of books on your bedside while you are at it.

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