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REAL things take time (and that's OK)

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Sooo I have a white board, with my covid list. Yep, I said it, I have a covid list, which really helps the hustler side of me, the one that wants to ‘do, do do!’ and control as much as I can during the quarantine period (which is very little when you have a toddler and trying to work from home!).

Rachel Hollis said recently ‘Quarantine is a privilege’.

I freaking agree. I am privileged that I have a home I can stay in, I can work from home virtually, and having a little one means I don’t have to try and homeschool – thank GOD for the Wiggles and Sesame Street (and shout out to all you home-schooling mama's, you are seriously amazing).

Back to my COVID list. I made a list of things I wanted to achieve in one day – one of those things was to pitch my copywriting and PR work to a BIG client. Someone who I had on my vision board but literally didn’t have the guts to pitch to. That was number one on my list.

And guess how long that took?

I wish I could say it took 10 minutes and I was so pumped to pitched my stuff to 50 more dream clients, but actually… sending this ONE pitch took me 5 days.

My internet was ridiculously slow, and my pitch file was seriously glitching… meaning it took me hours and hours to achieve this ONE thing on my list.

Patience is not my strong suit.

But it did make me realise something.

REAL things take time.

Yes, I have heard this – I knew it intellectually, but when you are going so slow that you Fred Flintstone would beat you in a car race, you tend to think you are getting nowhere. And then you start self-sabotaging thinking ‘what is the point? Its not going to work anyway’.

Not true.

Real things take time. Sometimes longer than you anticipate or would like.

Real things take rejection. Pivoting. Adjusting. Learning.

Relationships take time to build. Businesses take time to grow. An Audience takes time to nurture. Bodies take time to transform.

My biggest learning right now – is that real things take time. And that’s Okay.

As long as I’m still showing up – that’s called progress.

It’s about progress not perfection.

Its about showing up, not staying stuck.

It’s about taking action, not staying in fear.

It’s about finding joy in the process not rushing to the next station (that’s BIG one for me).

I’ll say it – COVID is teaching me the beauty of slowing down...

  • Sitting with my son on our back step and just watching the sky - just because

  • Facetiming friends at night just to say hi and sharing a glass of vino.

  • Using the food in our pantry to get creative for a meal.

  • Having ‘wisdom chats’ with my Gram from her window to keep the safe distance.

  • Getting back to what I really want to be focussing on in my business (more on that soon).

So, whatever is on your list (and maybe you are much more well-adjusted then me and you have no need for one and just are enjoying this time as rest for now, that’s awesome).

Take action. Find joy. Honour the time it’s taking.

You’ll get where you need to be at the PERFECT TIME.

Sending you much love and joy,


PS... want to see me eat some humble pie in a recent FB live I did? Join my ‘Life On Her Terms’ FB group– for faith-filled ambitius women who are committed to creating a life and career on their terms.

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