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What I have learned about surrender and achievement in motherhood

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Wanna hear the complexity of being a coach and a Christian? I believe

you can create a life and career on your terms – you can own your life,

your time, your joy – but God is at the centre of all of it.

If you try and control too much of it, you’ll lose it all. And yet, if we don’t

take initiative and ownership of our time, energy, relationships, career, finances – we are just existing. Not producing, not co-creating, not living

the brilliant life that God has called us to.

He who tries to save his life, loses it...

This truth – and complexity has never been more clear then when I

became a mama for the first time. I had a relatively successful career,

business and life – I thought I could handle stuff. And frankly, being a bit

of a control freak kinda worked for me.

My brand was even called ‘life on her terms’ because I so passionately believed – and still do -that you can create a life on your terms with one decision.

Then I met Michael. My baby. Who was precious – and also cheeky,

tenacious and ever so demanding. And he didn’t want to sleep.

Especially when I had coaching calls and business to do. It was like it

was ‘life on michael’s terms’ – and I felt totally out of control and at times

defeated. I went to God plenty of times crying.. ‘how can I achieve my

purpose with this baby??’ ‘why didn’t you give me a sleeping, placid


Talk about eating humble pie.

The ‘control’ that had worked for me so well in previous years, was not

going to work this time. I wasn’t in the drivers seat. I had to go with the

flow, let go – and let God show me what this season was about.

It was about letting go, and showing up where I was needed.

It was about trusting God with the big stuff, while I did the ‘small stuff’ in

daily life.

It was about letting go of my ego that wanted to produce, to achieve, to

show I was ‘still goal slaying’ even with a baby in tow.

It was about surrendering this time and season to God so He could use

it - and give me the space I needed to be a mother and learn the

lessons I needed to – and still am learning.

Do I still have control issues? Yep. Its something I check in with God

regularly about – but I know that as long as I am letting God in the

drivers seat, I can breathe and sit on the passengers side for a while.

If there’s an area you are struggling to take control in – just consider this

– are you trying to take control from God?

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