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5 things no one tells you about following your purpose

Recently,I received an email from an old friend - and it got me fired up.

Why? Because I am so tired of seeing people giving up on their desires in life. It usually comes up like this: 'I'd love to go travel the world, but I can't (insert excuse)'.

But - I know that sometimes that your 'dream' may seem impossible and these 'excuses' are usually very practical things in life (money, kids, partner, mortgage payments). I get it. The idea of even pursuing it can seem ridiculous at first..

Or...that it's great for other people with shiny hair and trust funds who have it all together, but not for us.

So - in the spirit of total honesty (and a little bit of ranting) I posted a video where I got totally real about the things NO ONE tells you when you decide to follow your purpose.

Yes, this is a little different from my usual content - but I'm not sugar coating it here - and I felt compelled to share it. Because it's not all rainbows and beach selfies (although it's a part of it!).

If you want to know what's involved and what it really takes to totally go for it in your life - watch my video here.

I believe the more authentic we are the more we give permission for other's to do the same - and if this video helps one person by showing them a little of the truth behind the glamour, that's enough for me.

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