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Have your dream clients come knocking at your door

with copy that showcases your authentic story and service

A 2-hour copy-writing intensive for the entrepreneur who is ready to share their story and connect with clients with ease. 






We all have a  story.

Let me write yours.  


Tell your story.  Sell your product. Serve the world.  

Do you feel like you have something world-changing to offer but get stuck in how to communicate that in your website copy or 'about me'page?​

You know you have an incredible service or product to share  with the world, but you just need to get your message right?


I get it.

I know how scary it can be to tell and own your story - but I also know how much of an impact you can have by getting clear on WHO you are, WHAT you offer and YOUR business story.  


You can't have an impact without knowing who you are and what your business stands for – and what your Unique Selling Point (USP) is.

That's where I come in.

As a PR Expert and former news journalist,  I have worked for 11 years crafting compelling stories and pitching and placing stories to international media including: BBC, Huffington Post, Guardian, ITV and numerous news outlets across the globe.

I am an expert at writing stories and headlines that will get attention - and more importantly, how to quickly nail down your biggest unique selling point.


I worked as a TV publicist for 7 years - both in Sydney and London and have placed interviews on morning shows, news programs and radio outlets. I worked for the ABC, SBS Television and BBC News in London before moving into corporate PR.​


I understand the power of a strong narrative, the timeliness of a good story and the impact a headline can make. 


As a business owner, it's not just about your service.


You are the package. And your story is what people purchase. 

Now more then ever, you have to be totally clear in confident in your message.

My 2 hour copy-writing intensive

will give you an 'About Me' page that sells you and your story.

During the intensive, I will interview you on your story, your business, your experience and what makes you tick. I will draft some of the copy with you during the intensive - and then will take take it away and edit, refine and hone it so it reflects you, your services and your personality. 

Within 5 days of our session, you'll receive your tailor made copy that you can use straight away to start attracting clients, selling your services, and stand out as the brilliant entrepreneur you are. 



During this 2 hour intensive, you'll receive:

- An expert copy-writer and PR professional who will take away your 'about me' page and make it as brilliant as you

- Feedback on your language and message

- A recording of our session which you can use for inspiration and marketing

- Within 5 days of our session you'll receive your  copy

This intensive is designed to: 

-  Give you copy that totally lights you up and shows you as the expert you are and connect with your ideal clients


- Give you confidence to talk about your self and your zone of genius (in a non-salesy way)

Why should you work with me? To be frank: I know my stuff.

























Before I started my own business, I worked  in the media industry for ten years as a news publicist and PR manager, including working at the ABC in Sydney and BBC in London. I write for the Huffington Post and Goalcast. 


I have worked with TV presenters, executive producers,  movie stars and prime ministerial offices on breaking stories, writing media releases, bios, and dealing with editors of international media outlets. My career has spanned television, health policy and election campaigns, both in Australia and the United Kingdom. 


But don't just take my word for it. One of my recent clients  said this: 



"Rachel is a gem! I've been struggling with my sales copy for weeks and just 1 session with her ,

Rachel helped me magnify an awesome headline, help me really get to grips with the problem and

pain of my ideal client and hit the nail with the real transformation I can assist with my ideal clients with.

Rachel has this innate ability to re-shape my sentences without changing the entire tone of my writing. In just 1

session, we nailed my sales copy and the very next day I signed on my 1st USD3000 client with this

amazing sales copy.  Awesome coach!Thank you Rachel! "- Adelena Chong, Entrepreneur Coach

You can read more of my client's stories here. 

What's included in the 2 hour session:

Before we begin I'll have you fill out a welcome pack so we're sure to meet your needs. We will work on  your about me page, or sales page.


( Please note, a sales page will ONLY be worked on if you are clear on your message, ideal client and package offer. If you don't have 100% clarity on this point please refer to my Mastermind Program).

How does it work?

Dates to be agreed on once payment is made. Within 24 hours you will receive an option of dates and an extensive welcome pack as well as instructions for next steps. Once you receive your final copy, I will take any feedback and  can make further amendments as requested. Any further edits that require more than 30 minutes of my time will incur an additional fee of 150.00. By the way, I have never had to charge for additional edits, either clients are very pleased straight away or  any changes take little time to complete. I work quickly!

How does the session happen?

We connect virtually, via  zoom (I'll send you the link prior to our session). 

I don't live in the UK or Australia,  will this offer still be relevant?

I am American, I lived in London for 5 years and currently reside in Australia. I have you covered!  I have international friendly time-slots available and I can write for most English speaking cultures. We can find a time that will work for both of us, and your location is no problem at all!

                                                         ARE YOU IN?

Are you ready to be one of the few successful people who makes decisions quickly? 


Things you'll never regret: coffee in the morning and investing in your business and making yourself STAND OUT in the marketplace!







***Your session will be recorded  for your own perusal, so you can refer back to what was discussed during the day. It may also be used for certification purposes.***

If you have more questions please email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Copywriting Intensive 

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