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Welcome to 'You Got This Mama' - a lifestyle and connection media company, with a mission to encourage, empower and inspire new mothers. 

12 months ago(ish), I had a baby. And it was hard. Really hard. It was also divine, unique, beautiful... all the things people say about having a little one. But really... those first few weeks were some of the hardest and longest days I have ever had.

And while I had some great support, there were moments (which felt like eternity) where I felt totally ill-equipped, not good enough, and frankly, like a failure.

And no, I wasn't suffering from PPD. I was just adjusting to the new mom thing. 

So, when an incredible midwife left me this hand-scribbled note while I was sleeping one night, I clung onto it like it was a millon dollar lottery ticket. 


I put it in my baby's bassinet, I propped it up on my night stand, I made sure it was with me for those next few weeks front and centre, because I needed the reminder of this incredible truth 'You are doing an amazing job'.

It got me thinking, in those sleep deprived months to come, if I was feeling this way, then other's must be as well? The flowers, baby clothes, coos for the little one and all were great, but I felt they were missing what was in front of them. A new mother who felt way in over her head, who was tired and feeling totally out of sorts. 

That's when I started creating...


'You Got This Mama' - is a set of affirmations for the new mother who needs to be reminded she's doing an awesome job and inspired to find the joy in her journey.


It's not just about a set of cards that talk about all the real stuff, its about connection and community. It's about having a text message in the middle of new-born chaos that reminds the woman - this is normal. You are incredible. And you aren't alone. 

As part of the 'Awesome Mama affirmations' set, you'll get a month of text messages, every day a message, clip or inspirational reminder of the amazing job you are doing. 

The 'Awesome Mama Affirmation Pack' includes:

- 30 curated authentic affirmation notes to the new mother (from another mama)

- 30 days of text messages that will lighten your day and make you smile

- Connection to the 'Awesome Mama tribe' on FB to continue your parenting journey

Our aim is simple: to remind new mothers they are not alone, and to remember - no matter what the parenting journey looks like - you got this.


And we are here for you. 

Wishing you love, success and peaches, 

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