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Authentic Affirmation Cards - Notes of Encouragement for a New Mama:


This collection of 'You Got This Mama' Authentic Affirmation cards were created by a mother with a mission to encourage, empower and inspire new mama's in those first few months of having a baby.


12 months ago(ish), I had a baby. And it was hard. Really hard. It was also divine, unique, beautiful... all the things people say about having a little one. But really... those first few weeks were some of the hardest and longest days I have ever had.


And while I had some great support, there were moments (which felt like eternity) where I felt totally ill-equipped, not good enough, and frankly, like a failure.


​And no, I wasn't suffering from PPD. I was just adjusting to the new mama thing.


​So, when an incredible midwife left me a hand-scribbled note while I was sleeping one night, I clung onto it like it was a millon dollar lottery ticket.


I put it in my baby's bassinet, I propped it up on my night stand, I made sure it was with me for those next few weeks front and centre, because I needed the reminder of this incredible truth 'You are doing an amazing job'.


It got me thinking, in those sleep deprived months to come, if I was feeling this way, then other's must be as well? The flowers, baby clothes, coos for the little one and all were great, but I felt they were missing what was in front of them. A new mother who felt way in over her head, who was tired and feeling totally out of sorts.


That's when I started creating 'Authentic Affirmations' for the brand new mama who needs to be reminded she's doing an awesome job and inspired to find the joy in her journey.


This handmade, Australian designed and created set of Affirmation cards include:


- 40 authentic affirmation notes created for a first time mother (from another mama) that will encourage and inspire her during her first few months of mama hood


Think of these as notes from your best friend or your sister, things you can need to hear full of practical insight, dry humour and AHA moments.


Our aim is simple: to remind new mothers they are not alone, and to remember - no matter what the parenting journey looks like - you are awesome, and you got this.

Authentic Affirmations for new mamahood

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Australian designed and made, these cards are printed on 350 GSM matte cardstock for a luxurious feel. 

    Size: 10.5 x15cm. 

    The cards come packaged in a handmade drawstring canva bag and are tied together using hemp twine for an eco-friendly product. 

    Please note, while every effort is made for the card set to be produced in likeness to the images, we use different coloured hemp twine for each card set - the colours may vary on each packaging. 


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