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Master Your Message

               4 month VIP program


For world-changing entrepreneurs who are ready

to tell their story, stand out and get media coverage






We all have a  story.

Let's start telling yours. 

Tell your story.  Sell your service. Serve the world.  


For the driven entreprenuer who is ready to have impact and become the thought leader in their field. 

Do you feel like you have a world-changing business but don't know how to talk about it? Would you love to get featured in the media, but not sure where you would even start? 

You know you have an incredible service or product to share  with the world, but you aren't clear on your elevator pitch, or what your unique selling point is. 

I get it.

I know how scary it can be to tell and own your story - but I also know how much of an impact you can have by getting clear on WHO you are, WHAT you offer and YOUR business story.  


You can't have an impact without knowing who you are and what your business stands for – and what your Unique Selling Point (USP) is.

That's where I come in.

Together, we will create your signature story - so you can sell it.

To clients, to media and influencers.

Imagine, knowing exactly WHO you are and what you stand for and telling your story with confidence and authenticity. 

As a PR Expert and former news journalist,  I have worked for 11 years crafting compelling stories and pitching and placing stories to international media including: BBC, Huffington Post, Guardian, ITV and numerous news outlets across the globe.

I am an expert at writing stories and headlines that will get attention - and more importantly, how to quickly nail down your biggest unique selling point.


I worked as a TV publicist for 7 years - both in Sydney and London and have placed interviews on morning shows, news programs and radio outlets. I worked for the ABC, SBS Television and BBC News in London before moving into corporate PR.​
















I understand the power of a strong narrative, the timeliness of a good story and the impact a headline can make. 


As a business owner, it's not just about your service.


You are the package. And your story is what people purchase. 


Now more then ever, you have to be totally clear in confident in your message.

My 'Master Your Message' Program is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. 











What's included:

- Clarity on your signature business story

- Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

- Crafted elevator pitch

- Confidence to talk about your biz  to anyone

- A step-by-step media strategy so you can pitch yourself to your perfect media outlets

How it works:

- 8 x 90 minute strategy sessions (twice a  month or as needed)

- In our first session we get clear on your message, who you are and what you stand for

- In the following sessions we  create your story, review your copy and prepare a personalised media strategy so you can pitch to media 

- Email and FB messenger support for 4 months

- Personalised  support  and feedback on your copy, email pitches and press releases

- I'll help you identify a shortlist of target publications and programs that will help you get in front of your key audiences

-You'll master the mindset of the woman who is ready for visibility

- I'll advise you on media opportunities and prepare you for media interviews

-You'll discover untapped marketing opportunities to get visible in front of potential clients


At the end of the program...

You'll be crystal clear on your message, so you can attract your ideal client easily, sell your services,  get featured in media,  and stand out as the brilliant entrepreneur you are. 

Hear from one of my recent clients: 



"Rachel is a gem! I've been struggling with my sales copy for weeks and just 1 session with her ,

Rachel helped me magnify an awesome headline, help me really get to grips with the problem and

pain of my ideal client and hit the nail with the real transformation I can assist with my ideal clients with.

Rachel has this innate ability to re-shape my sentences without changing the entire tone of my writing. In just 1

session, we nailed my sales copy and the very next day I signed on my 1st USD3000 client with this

amazing sales copy.  Awesome coach!Thank you Rachel! "- Adelena Chong, Entrepreneur Coach

You can read more of my client's stories here. 


You'll have a publicist, copywriter, and marketing expert supporting you and your business for 4 months. It's like having your own agency, coach, and spiritual mentor in your pocket.

This program is not for you if:

  • You don't take action. You love collecting training and information but when it comes to the doing, will have a list of excuses as to why its not a good time or you are too busy

  • You can't handle rejection. If you are going to throw in the towel when a pitch is refused, then I won't be able to help you. I need someone who can keep going and know their YES is coming.

  • You don't have the time or money to invest in yourself. Please don't reach out if you aren't willing to invest the funds or the time (about 2 hours a week) to make this happen

  • You aren't willing to get visible.Whether it's picking up the phone  to a journalist, writing that email, doing a facebook live or instgram story or having a publicity shoot done, these are part of the steps that will be involved (depending on your strategy). 

  • You aren't coachable. You need to be open and willing to get uncomfortable (it's part of the up-level process. Comfort is the death of your dream!)

What's included....

How does it work?

Dates to be agreed on once payment is made. Within 24 hours you will receive an option of dates and an extensive welcome pack as well as instructions for next steps. You'll have some pre-work to complete before our first session together. 

How does the session happen?

We connect virtually, via zoom which you'll receive login details before our session. The sessions will be recorded for your perusal, so you can be fully present during our time together. 

I don't live in Australia, will this still work for me? 

I am American, lived in Sydney and London and now reside in Australia. I have you covered!  I have international friendly time-slots available and I can write for most English speaking cultures. I have worked with clients from many different countries and time zones. We can find a time that will work for both of us, and your location is no problem at all.

Do you pitch to media for me?

No. I teach and empower YOU so you can be your own publicist. I'll teach you everything I know and walk you through step-by-step so you can feel confident emailing and speaking to journalists and pitching yourself (I'll even help you respond to emails and write pitches).  This skill (along with my expertise and guidance) will save you thousands of dollars in what you would have paid for a publicist or PR agency. I am teaching you skills that you'll use to promote your business and your services for a lifetime. Even if you decide to hire your own publicist, you'll learn tools and strategies that will help you promote your business NOW and get in front of dream clients TODAY.

Am I just learning how to be a publicist? 

No. It's about learning how to promote your business authentically. You'll have a clear publicity strategy that is in line with your business goals. I have also learned from working with a number of clients that confidence plays a huge part in becoming visible in media. As a coach, I get it.  Business is a spiritual game, so I go there. I'll encourage you, challenge you and equip you with the confidence and spiritual pieces you require to go to the next level in your business. You didn't start your business to be invisible. It's time to STEP UP and get your media profile in the game. 

If you are ready to FINALLY have the impact you were created for, to become the thought leader in your field, to have producers calling on your expertise, and to have dream clients discover you easily, then let's talk. I would be thrilled to walk you through this time and help you up-level your business through media exposure.

                                                         ARE YOU IN?

Are you ready to be one of the few successful people who makes decisions quickly? 





Things you'll never regret: coffee in the morning and investing in your business and making yourself STAND OUT in the marketplace.




























Any more questions? ​ If you are interested in working together and ready to take the next step and would like to discuss what that looks like for you, please book a time to speak with me personally. For any other questions, please email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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