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Communications for all your business needs

In today's marketplace, you need a compelling message, a clear strategy and visibility in every part of your business. 

That's where I come in. 

A communications expert with more than 15 years of experience working across news, public relations and marketing. I have worked as a journalist, media advisor and publicist – from ABC News in Sydney to BBC News in London. I understand media, marketing and how to make your business STAND OUT in the marketplace.


I have created campaign strategies for election campaigns, TV programs, city-wide public health initiatives and managed numerous reputation and media crises. 

But  firstly, I’m a story teller.

What makes me stand out as a communications professional is I look at every business and every project as an opportunity to tell a story – authentically. Your business is unique, so your message and strategy should be unique too.


I work with businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready to STAND OUT, get coverage and go to the next level in their business - to tell their story authentically to clients, media and influencers.

As a trained journalist, experienced PR manager and news publicist who has worked in different countries, written news headlines, pitched stories to global media outlets, dealt with news presenters, journalists and prime ministerial offices – I know what makes a good story.


Now more then ever its important your business has an edge. Because let’s face it, there is no new idea under the sun. But your STORY will give you the edge in the marketplace. 


I help craft your message so it showcases your unique selling point and speaks to your audience in a way that is compelling and authentic and create a bespoke marketing and media strategy in line with your business goals.

What’s your next level?

More clients? More influence? More awards? What’s that vision you have in your head that will mean you have ‘made it’ once this happens? ‘Once I get the cover… Once I land that client, Once I am interviewed on that show’… I’m all about making that vision your reality. You bring the vision. I bring the strategy.

How I can help you get there

PR Consulting – I create a PR strategy and teach you how to do your own PR – so you can pitch yourself to media and influencers and get media coverage ASAP.

Copywriting – I produce compelling copy targeted towards your ideal clients in your brand voice (website, social media, press releases, newsletters, proposals, speeches, scripts, articles, advertorials).

Media Training 1-1 media training for spokespersons to prepare for media interviews (virtually or in-person) for upcoming interviews or to prepare for any potential or upcoming reputation crisis. 

Brand Messaging – together we can create your brand story. Storytelling is the essence of your brand and your business. Stand out to your clients with an evolving story and compelling message that we create together that you can be proud to share and attract your ideal clients and market your services (if you aren’t sure why you need this, let’s talk. A brand guide will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in providing you seamless content that is targeted towards your clients and connecting with them quickly so they can make decisions around your services)

Marketing – I manage all aspects of your marketing needs – from website to branding to business strategy, You have an expert who is hands on in your business and can advise on social media, branding and design.


Prices: start from $150.00 per hour (AUD). If you have a project that will require more then 4 hours of work, get in touch and I can provide a quote depending on the type of work you are after and hearing more about what’s needed. 



Why me?

Frankly, I know my stuff. I have lived in 3 countries and worked with global clientele (UK, US, Australia, Norway, Canada to name a few). My experience ranges from marketing to PR, from health policy to TV news.


I’m a story-teller by nature, a strategist by experience.


I’ll get clear about your business vision and goals, how to make it happen and how to tell your story – in the most compelling and authentic way.

Professional Biography

Rachel Reva is a PR consultant, copywriter and founder of ‘Life On Her Terms’.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Communications (PR and Journalism) from the University of Newcastle in 2006 and  worked in the media industry for 15 years as a news publicist and PR manager. Her career has spanned television, health policy and election campaigns, both in Australia and the United Kingdom. She is also a contributor for several global outlets including: Huffington Post and Goalcast. When she isn’t writing, coaching or stalking Oprah she is planning her next European holiday. She lives in Australia with her husband and son. You can find out more about Rachel's career here.


You can view my writing and various communications examples here. 








Stop reading if…

You aren’t interested in taking your business to the next level. if you are a person who likes comfortable, and is happy with staying in the slow lane for the next few years, I am not the person for you.


I’m only interested in working with people who know their brand and business is meant to STAND OUT,  to make a difference, to have a serious impact on clients. I’m unapologetic about my ambitious approach in life and business. I only work with a handful of clients each month so I can maintain the personal engagement which I pride myself in.

If you think we might be a good fit, do get in touch and tell me about your business. If I can help, I’ll say how, if not, I’ll point you in the right direction. Either way, I’m looking forward to connecting and hearing more!

Get in touch

 Email me at: and let's set up a time to chat     about your business, your vision and how I can help. 



My philosophy 

You will never influence the world by being just like it