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       ne day can change everything


 VIP Intensive 
(Book before 30 October and save £400 )


Imagine one day dedicated to


Walk away with a strategy of what you want to do, an action plan of  how to do it,  and the confidence and motivation to make it happen.

This VIP intensive is for   the ambitious woman who knows she is ready for a change and are ready to invest the time and energy in making it happen. This one day intensive will help you:  CLARITY on what you REALLY  want to do and give you an ACTION PLAN  of how to get it.

The VIP intensive is a face to face session that will provide you with an action plan of what goals you want to achieve - you know what you want, the VIP will get you super clear on these desires and map out the way to get them as well as highlight any beliefs or fears that are holding you back from your awesome life. 


After this session, you will walk away with: complete clarity on what you need to do, a strategy on how to do it and the confidence to follow it through. Imagine a day dedicated to totally focus on one area of your life that you know needs some attention, guidance and TLC.


If you want to zone in and speed up the process of getting what you want in life, this day is for you. This could be a change in your career, knowing your purpose but need to get a practicable action plan and a timeline. Imagine focusing on the one area of your life that you want to excel in.


Give me one day. Bring your inner Beyonce. And walk away with knowing exactly what needs to be done, how to do it and feeling totally awesome and confident in achieving your dreams.  Imagine leaving your private Intensive feeling motivated, inspired and totally clear about what needs to be done in your life.


This stylish intensive is custom designed for you and includes a whole day together in a beautiful setting with lunch and refreshments provided.

Signature Coaching
What's included in this package:
  • Before we begin I'll have you fill out a welcome pack so we're sure to meet your needs.  All intensives are bespoke and customised to individual goals but we will cover some topics below based on your needs

  • Throughout your intensive you will have time and space needed to help you to overcome fear of change and gain clarity in your life so you can create clear actionable outcomes

  • 6 hours of one on one time with me to deep dive in and cover the above, answer your questions and fulfil your capabilities. No small talk here!

  • A day at a lovely hotel with a beautiful lunch

  • Detailed welcome packet for me to get to know you before the intensive

  • An action plan to take home with you so you know exactly what you will be working on to get you to achieve results

  • Recommended reading materials 

This special rate expires on 30 October  (intensive will go back to the normal rate)

Dates available are below.
Dates available:
Sunday, 29 October 2017
Sunday, 12 November 2017
Sunday,21 January 2018
Sunday, 28 January 2018
Not sure if this day is for you?  Book a Free 30 minute discovery session with me and let's chat. We can talk about what's happening in your life right now and decide what your next step is. 


Please email for further details and to discuss available dates and sessions at:

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